Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rubbish everywhere up date. World crisis on not just plastic. All rubbish!

The beginning of my quest 

Why do people give more hits on what is not important and avoid the truth?
Close the door after the horse has bolted, This is the attitude of most people today, Especially Asia.
Serious beyond serious has the issue of world pollution has become.
What do people and kids think about it,
"WHAT CAN THEY DO!" about it?

Everything as it starts with you!

It starts with you and how you care for your environment,.Voicing what I am saying needs to be done, Public awareness and action to pick up, tell others not to throw outside the bin, Put rubbish, trash, into the bin.
Not into the streets Out of windows, into rivers, Or streams, or road.
At the time of starting this blog. I had started sending posts to PMs/ government, the Newspapers, National Geographic. My fiding took on new meaning, opening eyes.
In doing so, many laughed and stated I was crazy, "WHO cares? they will never listen" they said.
Well, times have changed, persistence pays off. As you are well aware now. Plastic bags are now banned in most places Restricted and now 10 years later. We are now facing disaster. 
My work paid off with letters from the state and from the secretary.
So do your bit to make a change, With the last reports that are Oceans contain 400 parts per million of plastic!
in in our food and killing wildlife.  This was back in 20010
Photographs taking from 2010 to 2013 
This as increased in uncountable vasts amounts. 

Watch youtube HOME . for global warming! 

Please Donate to help me complete my quest to make a change. 

Return home to the UK 
It was gutting to discover after all my trouble and work. When I returned home after a divorce and having to restart my life.  I lived in Romford asses for about 6 months. To find so much had changed for the worse in England. Everywhere was rubbish. 
What happened to KEEP BRITTEN TIDY?
I stopped a couple of police and asked. Why are they not doing anything about this? As when I left in 2006, there were heavy fines for anyone dropping litter. Up to a £1000. 

The reply was. "It is not our problem anymore. It now is the Councils responsibility. 

So I wrote to the government and the environment agency.  they gave me a letter and stated they have put the problem to the councils. As it was too much and a report on the matter in on the web site. 

I wrote to the councils and found I was in a vicious circle. They just pass the buck and makeup excuses. Not all our rubbish is recycled. I found from recycled companies that most just go into a landfill. Despite our efforts to separate all out rubbish. 

I opposed the results and forward this the Priminister where I got a reply that the issue was sent to the right department. here are links to the reports, Im my view 25 years is too late! 


Polluted water so bad, the fish cannot breath.

Why is nothing ever done, Why to youngsters laugh when you explain the seriousness of the problem.

Why are the beaches left, So bad. When Tourism is a main income.

Why is wild life left to suffer.

Why are companies who make the stuff not made to give warnings, Why are not more bins introduced And crushers to reduce the mass.